Attraction, Basis of Tourism

Hamid Reza Naghashian
Attraction, Basis of Tourism

According to the culture of various tribes and nations, tour and travel have always been of special importance to human being from the time of the most primitive societies.
The more man has gotten closer to the modern tools of civilization, travel and tourism have found double significance. Man has always been interested in travelling to geographical locations on various pretexts so that experts measure the degree of psychological and physical health in human being by the amount of budget the governments set aside for tourism.
It is clear that knowledge about tourist attractions is the key to making decision for travelling to a certain region. These attractions are either natural or man-made.
Generally speaking, the attractions are ecological conditions such as temperature, height from the sea level that regulates pressure and is decisive in healthy breathing, plus natural attractions. The officials in each city should make plan to create‎ attractive structures conforming to the cultural and religious codes in tourism sector. This is the first step that can be done in line with development of tourism industry.
Iran, with all ancient history and historical monuments in the north and south and unique climatic conditions, possesses unrivaled potentials for tourist attraction from inside and outside the country. This year, in the year of “economy and culture” as Supreme Leader has said, the foundations and infrastructures of tourism sector should be created because tourism industry possesses a sea of cultural and economic concepts.
The most important factor in tourist attraction is putting together natural conditions with structural foundations. The basis for such an initiative will be creating a think tank for tourism in cooperation with the people and officials of each city because of their familiarity with the culture, rites and rituals, and history of that certain city.
In other words, creating the structures for think tank in each city goes beyond the realm of civil services. It must be created in the context of recreational consulting engineers.
If our educational centers such as high schools and universities could create‎ intellectual engineering capacities according to cultural demands in each city, we could realize creation of consulting engineering institutions to translate potentials into practical steps in each region.
The think tank of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization must prepare itself and plan for creation of required infrastructures for such a future. In a country of more than three thousand years of history, any region is a natural tourist attraction in case the government identifies the attractions and encourages short-, mid- and long-term investment in each city to create‎ an endless treasure for its survival.
As a result, there would be no poverty in a city with developed natural and historical tourist attractions. There will be a big competition on cultural promotion in cities. There will be good ground for investment in these cities. There will be the power for production in each city. And finally tourism will pave the ground for over-all development, happiness, welfare and promoted standards of living in each city.
Tourism is the only industry that leads to wealth distribution in its nature because it involves various occupations.
The Fifth Development Plan in Article 11 has authorized CHTO to facilitate investment in creation of cultural and tourism centers and support the establishment of non-governmental centers dealing with tourism. The same article stresses establishment of specialized museums such as Sacred Defense Museum that should be financially supported by the CHTO. The Article has also envisioned establishment of centers for safeguarding traditional and local cultures in nomadic and rural areas and financially supporting any tourism attraction either inside the country or in the neighboring countries that belong to Iran as its cultural heritage.
In UAE the intellectual foundations have created tourist attractions from the sands of the desert while we are yet to make optimal use of our natural attractions. This is because the government wants to be the policymaker and the executive of the policies. Privatization of the projects in tourism industry will mean everything to the tourism industry.
Iran will be a garden of roses in case the blessings of this industry are deeply rooted in the minds of the committed Iranians believing in the fundamentals of faith-oriented development.
Tourism industry will be developed only when the government puts an end to intervention and instead, facilitates establishment of a university of tourism by the CHTO in the Sixth Development Plan and allocates sufficient budget for small and big research plans for free of charge distribution among domestic and foreign investors.

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Published on: Tuesday, September 30, 2014 10:02 PM

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